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I am an alumnus of Cardinal Stefan Wyszyński University in Warsaw. I have an extensive and long-lasting experience in matters related to foreigners’ legalization of stay in Poland. For more than 6 years I worked for the Department of Foreigners in the Division of Civilians and Foreigners Affairs of Łódź Voievodship Office in the City of Łódź. During the term in office I was engaged in working with legalization of stay procedures for citizens of EU countries and third countries, as well as with work permits for foreigners. Thanks to this experience, besides knowing the legal basis I also have a broad practical knowledge of the procedures related with getting permits for stay and work for foreigners. This work has brought me not only professional experience, but also allowed to broaden my knowledge of multicultural aspects. Alongside with wide-ranging contacting with foreigners during my work in the Voievodship Office, I on numerous occasions have participated in various symposiums, conferences and studies organized governmental and non-governmental organizations and related to human rights, migration, labor market and legal procedures applicable to foreigners. In 2014, I had decided to share my knowledge and completed a year-long course organized by the Helsinki Foundation For Human Rights, named “Take a course towards multiculturalism” where I acted as a trainer in multicultural competences. Currently, besides helping foreigners in settlement of various legal formalities I provide training on topics related to multiculturalism, antidiscrimination, human rights as well as procedures on legalization of stay in Poland and getting work permits.

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As Foreigners Service Bureau we provide assistance in handling various legal formalities related to stay in Poland, including legalization of stay, getting work permits, application for citizenship, drafting invitations for foreigners, interpretation of documents, registration of legal entities for foreign citizens as well as other services that may be required by foreigners during their stay in Poland.


As Employment Agency we provide services in recruiting and leasing of workers from abroad for work in Poland. Accepting all responsibilities of employer, we guarantee due preparation of all documents, conduct medical examinations and courses required by the employer for the job. We provide skilled and unskilled workers in production, logistics, cleaning, construction, farming and other sectors. While most of our workers come from Ukraine, upon a request from the employer we are able to find desired employee from the edge of the world.

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